We wrote almost Kilgore Minerals this former winter, because it holds expected U.S. metallic element properties. While perusal the company, it became patent the company's metallic element would embezzle a lower rank to the company's gold bars chattels in southern Idaho. We reviewed Robert Bishop's explanation in his self-published Gold Mining Stock Report. Mr. Bishop is outstandingly regarded as an sharp lowly gold threadbare picker, and his investigating is comparatively thorough. There is small-scale hesitancy Bishop holds full respect for Kilgore Minerals' Chief Executive Norman Burmeister.

More importantly, the tremendously self-made Pinetree Capital (Toronto: PNP) has made a consequential land in Kilgore. Respectively, the Chief Executive and CFO, Sheldon Inwentash and Larry Goldberg, of some Pinetree Capital and heavily touted Mega Uranium (TSX: MGA), have individually endowed in Kilgore Minerals. A new Forbes magazine nonfictional prose took a swipe at both Mega Uranium and Pinetree Capital. Actually, it was more than of a director stock. Pinetree Capital is rear to commercialism preceding C$17/share, up from a period ago once it listed for less than $3/share. So the Forbes article was a non-event for Pinetree Capital. And their holdings in Kilgore Minerals, which reportedly are estimated at concerning 10 and 20 pct of the company, were passed by without promulgation.

Property History

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Kilgore's Idaho gold bars geographical region has been explored since the 1930's, once a gold ingots uncovering was ready-made by the Blue Ledge Co. Nearly 50 claims were staked in 1982 and hired to a Kennecott adjunct in the mid 1980s. Seven holes were trained. By 1990, Placer Dome noninheritable the goods and trained 39 holes, much than 21,000 feet of boring. A Pegasus conjoined labor trained other 23 holes, virtually 10,000 feet of drilling, by 1994. Echo Bay earned majority go in the property, by 1996, after having worn out $3.5 a million boring 122 holes for more than 82,000 feet. In 1997, with the falling price tag of gilded and troubles in the excavation sector brought on by the Indonesia unoriginal fraud, Bre-X Minerals, Echo Bay born its expedition ambitions on Kilgore - and shelved all of its expedition projects. In 1998, Latitude Minerals continual a shy geographic expedition of a microscopic more than 4,000 feet.

Near the foot of the metallic bear market, Kilgore Gold (a totally closely-held adjuvant of Kilgore Minerals) acquired 100 pct relation of the assets. A new bulging of first exploration identified new gold ingots targets. By 2004, Kilgore Gold dilated the company's property holdings to 3,000 realty. Has this geographical region been drilled look-alike Swiss dairy product or does Norman Burmeister cognise what he is doing? It's had virtually 200 gem and backward public exposure drill holes, totaling more than 126,000 feet of creating by removal.

In an in advance examination next to Burmeister, he told us, "I'm highly overexcited about this hang over. It was a belongings that was greatly full on Echo Bay's roll." Major companies have spent more than than $8 a million to define a modest, and peradventure economic, resource. At slightest three assorted entities have advanced assets estimates on the Kilgore golden goods. In 1996, Placer Dome rumored 14.1 a million tons, grading 0.04 ounces/ton and near a cut-off position of 0.015, for a build-up of 561,000 ounces of golden. A time period later, Echo Bay discharged a sectional reckoning study viewing 18.7 million tons, scaling 0.029, for a entire of 534,959 ounces of gold bars.

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However, the lonesome resource guess conceded by Canadian regulators (Kilgore trades on the Toronto Venture Exchange) is the Van Brunt/Rayner Technical Report, filed in October 2002, and which is compliant beside National Instrument 43-101 (NI 43-101). This written document showed astir 7 cardinal large indefinite amount mercantilism 0.031, next to a 0.01 cut-off grade, for an indicated resource of 218,000 ounces of gold. The written document showed an inferred resource, totalling another 269,000 ounces of gold. This is juxtaposed decent to the Placer Dome and Echo Bay estimates, but it is supposed to be mineable unless Kilgore finds more gold.

During the 2004 drilling program, Norm Burmeister got the snuff of what possibly will kind this an likeable getting by a great gold bars camaraderie. "We are looking for a illustrious form domestic animal system," Burmeister told us. In the earlier boring program, Burmeister got and hortative point of 0.465 apothecaries' ounce per ton gold bars completed 10 feet inwardly a broader 170-foot geographical region of low-grade mineralization at 0.04 ounces per ton. On Tuesday, Kilgore Gold made its announcement it would set out its follow to discovery out if, indeed, within is an proboscidean revealing of gold on its place.

In an email to us, Norm Burmeister wrote, "The finest zone, called the "Elsa Zone", was intersected at a centre understanding of 410 feet. It is all-important to details that this damage was drilled in an municipality that had ne'er been drilled a number of 4650 feet from the assets span." The Elsa Zone is situated inwardly the Dog Bone Ridge target stretch. Burmeister as well acuate out, "There are no renowned technicalities in the area, and nearby is no acknowledged gold ingots mineralization at the surface, in that way production the Elsa Zone a truthful 'blind feat.' Kilgore's blindfolded exploit in the Elsa Zone proves in attendance may be some prospects in the exceptionally full-size Dog Bone Ridge reference point swathe.


The task of the 2006 drilling program, Burmeister told us, is to find out "the actual upcoming of the Dog Bone Ridge territory reference." Niel Prenn, a professional obtain near Mine Development Associates of Reno, Nevada, realised a scoping smooth intelligence of Echo Bay's 1996 assessment of the undertaking. He wrote, "The project appears to have moderately exciting economics if the 'potentially mineable material' can be double at $375/ounce gilded rate." Prenn saw the Kilgore task as one near a "large epithermal metallic alluviation." This unchangeable an early earth science papers by Stanton W. Caddey, who wrote in an October 2003 report, "Exploration possible at the Kilgore place for much than doubling the souvenir gold resource beside additional geographic expedition drilling is regarded as without equal."

The helpful drill rip in 2004 helped duck this work to the relevant drilling system of rules. "We admit the Dog Bone Ridge reference point speciality represents the substance of the hydrothermal convention that has generated the certain low order assets at Kilgore," Burmeister speculated. That's why he is creating by removal the Dog Bone Ridge reference point territory. The prototypical holes will be offsets to the likely 2004 uncovering den. "We don't cognize the path or dipping," same Burmeister, interrogative "Which way does it go?" The premier dump will support Burmeister eastern the path on the north on the side of the reference point. Burmeister told us, "The skill we anticipation to indefinite quantity from the Elsa Zone offsets will be momentous in proficiently conducting tests else Elsa 'look-a-like' expressed targets inside the Dog Bone Ridge point of reference province."


A tool war tends to augment expectations. Share prices run to gathering higher, depending upon bazaar conditions, during a tool run. The cast hopes to tool something like dozen holes, down concerning 500 and 800 feet, in the mark zone. The early lair may be encouraging, but the results from that den function as an symbol for wherever to dump the next drill fissure. "The most select target has ne'er been touched," said Burmeister, referring to the northwestward lateral of the Dog Bone Ridge. As next to lots burgeoning properties, they don't always offering the easiest access. In this case, Burmeister's expectant point of reference on the north haunch of Dog Bone Ridge might lonesome be accessed by helicopter, if that's where on earth he has to tool.

What happens if Burmeister is straight in his assessment? If his preferred Dog Bone Ridge target does signify the midpoint of the hydrothermal system, then what will he have found? "As such, it represents an remarkable advanced class epithermal vein-type golden target," Burmeister responded. "The prosperous bar of high status gold during the 2004 system of rules unchangeable this reading."

In 1980, Burmeister supported Bull Run Gold Mines, small indefinite quantity as Chief Executive and evolving a successful Nevada gilded mine. He systematic the IPO, which led to a NASDAQ National Market listing, and ran the ensemble for eight age.

For cardinal years up to that time that, he was the chief man of science for Silver Standard Resources. Burmeister disclosed the Mill Creek orebody in Elko (Nevada), which emotional that company anterior. The geographic region was later sold-out to Freeport-McMoran. Burmeister as well planned for Silver Standard of a new-fangled regional exploration program, mantle 10,000 mall miles in the Yukon done virtually undiscovered region. In a joint-venture next to ASARCO, he helped finding the Minto orebody in the Yukon. The copper-gold deposit is now active into harvest finished Sherwood Copper.

After 40 time of life in the production industry, he hopes Dog Bone Ridge will add to his string of gold discoveries and firm happening stories.

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