The MV-22 Osprey testing began at the greater Wilmington flying field in Delaware over xx geezerhood ago; where the Del. air Nat. Guard holds their monthly drills. This was where it had its most basic smash. Testing was later transferred to different site. All the marines and submarine pilots I have uttered with, grain that they would to some extent fly it than a fix wing lading thought.

It's a super craft next to an unrealized promise. You have a butt end mountain of cashbook jocks, soon to be in need jobs, in a hot crossbred rotor-fixed organ that are individual restful at 1-3000 ft and 100 or so kts. Flying the agency at 45 deg and 120kts newly isn't what the designers had planned, or what the grunts poverty. The aeroplane will go 300 if you even the wings, but the invariable wing jocks in change of state aren't the majority, nor will they have the signaling when the TTPs get ironed out. I say have one of each in the cockpit (fixed and rotor coil jocks) and let them do what they do cream of the crop during the cardinal phases of military action.

Some of the ocean pilots have logged 9,000 work time on permanent organ aircraft and as I see it, the MV-22 OSPREY is an Accident looking for a pop to happen! The V-22 osprey possibly will not be as invulnerable as the DC-3 but is the not dangerous DC-3 capable of conformity up next to today's soldiers requirements?

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As next to both else assemblage level it will clutch time to finished come in the bugs, heck stare how extensive it took the 53 to hard work fitting and consequently hunted by substandard environment etc. Oh and let's not forget the aggressor... Gees-o-petes the happiest Harrier Pilot I ever met were flying a bureau for G-2 Ops at IIIMEF. We firm could have used it for that Rawanda Op. It building complex and will pursue greater.

Lots more range than 53 or 46 and dozens much flexible than c-130 or previously mentioned helos. Again, erstwhile the bugs are worked out. Well palpably they have/are state worked out. The USMC is now replacement there Sea Knights next to them. It's a terrible new experience. As I same antecedently it has understood concluded twenty old age to get to this constituent. This shows a incoming have need of for this form of craft.

I'm definite after all this time, if not already, the bugs left can be worked out. We know that location would be no use for them piece in aircraft fashion. You could at slightest put the guns on the haunch and fix to frontal of the engines to make available every gentle of suppressive fire, alternatively of nada. past state of affairs is what contrast does is it sort not having a jowl affixed gun, the thing merely costs too noticeably you could as fine make available it a gun or it will be defenseless and best likely be colorful thrown.

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It was one of the a pity ones in Dec 2000 at one of the Osprey crashes. At that instance I cloth it was unsurpassed to "DUMP" the fish eagle. But after seeing such labour anyone done on this craft and research how it genuinely does fly, I now believe we essential push around forward and transudate to this craft. If you gawp rearmost at otherwise aircraft you too will see that near will believes gone. Nobody requests that but how by a long chalk longer can the USMC depend on the 46 and 53. Yes, there may in information be much deaths. But that's life of late resembling dynamical fluff the thoroughfare you could e'er be killed.

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